How you buy your clothing impacts millions of people and communities around the world.

Know the Origin is here to drive much needed change in the clothing industry.

To respect people and the environment and make a positive impact with our clothes.

We offer a range of high quality Fairtrade and organic tees, sweatshirts and hoodies with screen-printing

for charities and organisations who want to buy in line with these shared values.



Transparency is of the utmost importance to us.

We visit each part of our supply chain, from the cotton farm through to the final factory, so that we can be sure

each person involved in the manufacture of our products has been treated with dignity, paid fairly and valued for their work.

You can see more about that here 'Seed to Garment'.

Of course our prices are never going to be as low as the big businesses out there. 

But for us, using Fairtrade and organic practises that ensure good treatment of people

and the environment is more important than making a huge profit. 


Charlotte Instone

When the Rana Plaza factory collapse unfolded during my Buying degree at the London College of Fashion, I was deeply challenged to think about where my clothes were being made.

I have travelled to countries such as Jordan, Burkina Faso and Bangladesh and seen the harsh reality of life for thousands of people in the garment industry, but I have also seen the incredible change that happens when people are appreciated for their skills, paid fairly and given a sense of dignity in their work. 

We founded Know the Origin to drive this positive change in the clothing industry.